Hope 4 Home

The Hope 4 Home  was developed to assist home owners in understanding the new Federal sponsored FHA – Hope for Homeowners Program.  This program is offered under the Federal Housing and Economic Recovery Act f 2008.  The information provided on this site is deamed reliable and accurate. The information does change when information changes as provided by FHA/HUD and any other providers deamed reliable.   This site is NOT a FHA/HUD direct site.  It is advised that the site viewer do as much research as possible from this site as well as outside sources to make an informed decision regarding their housing.

Hope 4 Home  recognizes the generosity of the homebuilding industry and is pleased to offer homebuilders and their trade partners an avenue to utilize their skills and invest their resources to make an impact in the fight against global poverty.

Hope 4 Home  primary partner is HOPE international, a Christian microenterprise organization that makes “micro” loans to hundreds of thousands of struggling entrepreneurs in 17 developing nations worldwide, enabling these entrepreneurs and their families to break free from the grip of poverty. For more information, contact us through our contact page.

Once  project is finished, Hope 4 Home  staff will make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the work and will handle making payments to the contractors. You will then begin repaying the loan based on the terms of the loan agreement (in some cases, payment will be deferred). All loans, regardless of the repayment schedule, are due in the event that you sell, move away from, or refinance your home.

If you are in danger of defaulting on your home loan, it’s very important to contact your lender immediately and request an evaluation of your situation. If you are able to qualify, your loan officer can help you begin the paperwork to prevent foreclosure. If you are already in discussions with the bank, your loan officer may suggest Hope 4 Home  as a way to proceed.

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